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Gift Giving for Your Girlfriend Guide

by Mark Davies

Afraid picking up some wilted roses from the gas station on your way home from work just won't cut it for your girlfriend's anniversary or Christmas gift this year? Perhaps you really are a charming fellow who just needs a bit of guidance when it comes to buying gifts for the girl of your dreams.

We're here to help! There are tons of options for getting a romantic gift for you girlfriend (or wife) that will completely sweep her off her feet. For starters, have you noticed her perfume bottle is running low? Pick her up a bottle of perfume, being sure to keep in mind the scents that she usually wears. You can also by aromatic bath gifts- think of lotions, bubble bath, shower gel, or lip gloss. To really put the romantic touch, try to pick a scent or flavor that is meaningful to her in some way. Does she love citrus fruit? Lavender flowers? The smell of cinnamon? With the wide variety of scents available, you may be able to find something personal that will subtly let her know that you are tuned in to her interests.

Is your girl the busy type who never seems to get to relax? You might want to consider getting her a gift certificate to a spa so she can have the day to reflect, unwind, and of course, think about how lucky she is to have a great guy like you. Again, bath gifts can also be helpful in this category. Giving her a fragrant bath bubbles may help her when she wants to unwind.

To really take her away from it all, you might also consider getting supplies to take her on a romantic picnic. Nothing says love like actually taking time out to treat her to a romantic afternoon on Valentine's Day or on your anniversary.

Who can forget flowers? There's a reason why so many men get flowers for their girlfriends- women love them. Online there are a wide variety of florists that can help you find just the perfect arrangement for a blooming gift for your sweetie. Pick colors that she likes- if you're unsure, you might consider looking at the color of clothing she wears most often as these are likely reflective of her favorite colors. Keep in mind when buying flowers there are also flowers that can last forever- beautiful preserved flowers lined in gold and porcelain flowers, for example. There's more in the floral category than just flowers, however, as stunning vases can also make for a romantic gift (and a lovely place for her to put the bouquets you plan to buy for her in the future). Perhaps you could place a romantic note inside the vase, hinting at the bouquets yet to come. Then, whenever you give her the gift of flowers, she will also be reminded of the beautiful vase you gave her.

Chances are your girlfriend loves chocolate (perhaps almost as much as she loves you!). Chocolate makes an excellent gift. Keep in mind her favorite types of chocolate. Yes, there are types. Milk chocolate, Dark chocolate, different nut varieties, and fruit filled varieties. If you are unsure about which is her favorite, you can always go with a variety box for a great gift. Some online shops will also allow you to personalize the gift box with a personal message.

In addition, you can give the gift of her favorite photographs or other artwork in beautiful frames, or a pretty candles that will glow and set the mood for a perfect romantic evening. Keep in mind that a personal message from the heart also makes a great gift and will definitely add to the romance of any other gift you get for her.

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Mark Davies is the author of http://www.hazboo.com, a leading directory of products and stores.

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