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Giving Flowers Other Than Roses

Regardless of the occasion, men everywhere flock to flower shops to pick up a dozen roses. Mother, sister, girlfriend, wife and secretary all receive a similar arrangement. There are hundreds of flowers and plants to choose from when purchasing from your florist or online, so leave the red roses behind and let the variety blossom.

Spring and Easter should lead to fresher, exotic flower choices. Tulips, irises, Gerbera daisies, snapdragons and sunflowers spike in popularity. A mixture of bud clusters of this and that makes a gorgeous gift to an aunt or grandmother. If choosing roses in the spring, yellow and pink will be a crisp addition to the dinner table or living room.

Get Well occasions and congratulatory occasions for an adolescent are difficult spots to fill. Depending on the age and situation, a popular gift-giving flower bouquet is one that is ready to eat! Strawberry blooms and pineapple baby's breath, or shiny blooms with a head made of wrapped candy. Fun, different and customizable, these edible bouquets are on the rise in popularity.

When an anniversary or Valentine's Day comes around, the annual choice by millions would be the red rose. Every woman loves a red rose, but if she's been seeing the same red dozen for every anniversary and Valentine's Day for the past decade, you might want to try something a little spicier. Even a rose in a different shade will perk up the recipient. Or try a spray with carnations in several colors, roses in several colors, chrysanthemums, purple asters or anything that catches your eye. Try to pick a selection yourself for important occasions, and on others let the florist do the work. Family and loved ones deserve your time to pick flowers out. A professional can do business associates and sympathy bouquets.

If you have the room on a windowsill or in a small garden, you can try your green thumb and see if you can be your own florist. Annuals, perennials, posies, tomato vines, herbs and more are things you can attempt. Gardening relieves stress and the reward is gorgeous flowers. Prices shoot to the sky around holidays and instead you can pluck something gorgeous for free.

Flowershave traditional meanings associated with them. Not just a visual spectacle, they can be messages. Here we can decode several popular choices.

Baby's Breath: Happiness

Cactus: Bravery and Endurance

Carnation, Pink: Emblem of Mother's Day

Carnation, Purple:Antipathy and Capriciousness (aka aversion, repugnance and impulsive, respectively)

Carnation, Red:My heart aches for you, Admiration

Carnation, White:Pure Love, Sweet Love, and Innocence

Carnation, Yellow:Disdain and Rejection

Chrysanthemum:Love, Truth

Daisy:Gentleness, Innocence, Loyal Love

Iris:Faith, Wisdom, Valor, Friendship

Lily-Of-The-Valley:Purity and Humility, Sweetness

Orchid:Magnificence, Love, Beauty, Refinement

Rose, Coral/Orange:Enthusiasm, Desire

Rose, Dark Pink:Thank you

Rose, Light Pink:Admiration

Rose, Peach:Let's get together, closing of the deal

Rose, Pink:Love, Grace, Gentility, Perfect Happiness, Please believe me

Rose, Red:Love, Desire, Respect, Courage

Rose, White:Charm, Secrecy, Silence, You're Heavenly, Humility

Rose, Yellow:Infidelity, Joy, Gladness, Friendship, Jealousy, Remember Me

Tulip:Symbol of the Perfect Lover

The next time you buy flowers other than red roses, you can wow the recipient with your knowledge. Some of the flowers have double meanings, so don't forget to attach that card with your purple carnations saying that this was an impulsive buy because of its beauty, and not a symbol of your aversion for them.

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Author Bio Timothy Rea a flower enthusiast for over three decades with a web site dedicated to helping you learn how to planet, grow and have beautiful flowers. Learn about all the many diverse species of flowers and there attributes. Visit our web site dedicated to learning everything you need to know about flowers: http://www.flower.dnld.com

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