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The History Of Valentines Day

Valentines Day is a holiday that has been around for centuries. For generations people have been falling in love with this holiday while others have loathed it with a fiery passion. No matter how you feel about this day, Valentines Day, you should know that the day is one of significant meaning in history.

The true and exact history of Valentines Day may never be known for certain. As it now stands this history is a murky one filled with many different tales and interpretations. The most common being that Valentines Day is named in honor of St. Valentine who was martyred in the year 250.

As this story would have it in that times there was a mighty and cruel ruler named Emperor Claudius II. This was in ancient Rome. Back then February 14th was a holiday that the Romans would celebrate Juno, the queen of the Gods. On this day girls and boys would pair up by having names draw out of a jar. Man y of these couples went on to fall in love and marry. The problem was that with all of these people falling in love fewer and fewer boys were willing to go off to war and fight for Claudius the Cruel.

The emperor had a way that he thought would solve all of his problems in one fell swoop. He banned all engagements and marriages in the whole of Rome. Needless to say this did not sit well with anyone but him.

Men and women continued to marry in spite of this ban and the Christian priests aided them all that they could. St. Valentines was one of these brave souls, or so the history of Valentines Day goes.

St. Valentines was caught and sentenced to a terrible death. He was to be beaten to death and then have his head cut off. Supposedly it was on February 14 that he was martyred.

The church did not martyr him and make him a saint for wholly honorable reasons some say. The feast of Lupercalia, which takes place on the same day, was an ancient heathen custom that they were dying to get rid of completely. They thought that if they could simply replace these feasts and holidays with others then the people would be more likely to follow them, and they did. So truly Valentines Day being the day of lovers was begun long before, even centuries before St. Valentines was even born during the Lupercalia.

According to some experts St. Valentine fell in love with his jailers daughter while he was being held before death. This girl became a close friend of his and he left her a note when he died that was signed “From Your Valentine.” And that is why we still to this day send Valentines Day cards to those we love and sign them the very same way.

Over the years Valentines Day has grown away from the religious day that it once was. It is now more commercialized but it still holds meaning for most people, especially those in love. Valentines Day is a day to celebrate that love and to share with each other the joy that they feel for each other.

Many people purchase little gifts for each other on this day each year but that is not something that you need to do. This Valentines Day just tell your lover that you love them and how much he or she means to you. Tell them how happy you are to have found them and do something special together. Even if it is taking a nice walk on the beach or going for a picnic, take some time out to appreciate one another. That is what the true spirit of Valentines Day is all about.

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