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Valentines: Spoil Your Special Someone Without Breaking the Bank!

Valentine's day is almost here, the big day continues to creep upon us and of course as always ... we all scramble for the perfect gift but there's always a problem -money! The big problem with this holiday is that it comes right after Christmas and just around the time all of us have paid those dreaded credit card bills or right after we splurged on a big extravagant gift for our special someone for Christmas.

Don't stress!

If money is the problem or you've spent thousands on a big gift at Christmas time, you can still pull out a great gift because Valentine's is all about love and romance, here's some ideas that can help redeem you just when you need it.

The 14-Day Countdown

Just like the twelve days of Christmas slightly altered! Beginning on the first day of February start leaving coupons for a free full body massage, a bubble bath or how about a manicure! Little extras can be thrown in for steamy lovers like a midnight meeting at your favorite spot or a night out at a real hotspot or something as simple as a shared burger down at the drive-in on the corner. The sky is the limit and this builds intrigue, not to mention how creative it truly is.

The Valentine Dream Box

This is a unique idea that can start off on the first day of January and can be used a million different ways; dreams for each other could be a start. Simply take any kind of box, preferably one with a lock on it so that there's no cheating and make a slit opening just big enough to slide in a note. Use two different colors of paper (pink and blue) used to write notes for each other writing down dreams for the other person, special thoughts, ideas about the love you have for the other and really let you imagination do the work.

On the big day, open it together and watch the sparks fly as you take turns reading to each other, mark the dates on each to stay on track.

Go Old School

Then again some couples tend to be a little traditional re-creating their first date or re-visiting the first spot where they met or the place they realized they were hooked for life. Even if it's not possible to go back to a monumental spot, recreating is easy.

Think of various props such as napkins or food or specific lighting or even music to set the mood and any other items that can be obtained, let the magic take over ... this is a beautiful idea. The most important thing about Valentines Day is that a couple can reflect on the past and look towards the future ... together.

Show your special someone just how much you love them and watch the sparks fly, after all love and romance are two of the most prized possessions that cannot be bought and your gift doesn't have to be either.

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Lisa Gonzalez is a successful WAHM, a pizza junkie, the owner of www.keywordprincess.com and www.zonemom.com and she rarely sleeps! Lisa and her family call the picturesque coast of South Carolina home where she makes her mark in the world of Internet writing.


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