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Will They Cheat?

Will they or will they not cheat?

Have you ever told your partner or spouse how you would feel
if you found out they had been cheating? Maybe your spouse
or partner will never cheat on you! Are would they?

Ok, maybe they want cheat. But you must face the fact that
your spouse or partner will be tempted with the "grass is
greener on the other side" especially after all the
responsibilities of parenthood have set in and things are
not so carefree anymore. And you will be faced with that
same temptation unless both of you have suddenly become
really, really an eye sore.

Who knows? They may be attracted to the same thing you find
attractive about your spouse or partner in the beginning and
now! By realizing this now, depending on the type of
relationship you are in, not only can you make this one of
the healthy topics to discuss but you can possibly get back
some of what was lost. You know before all of the many
responsibilities set into everyone's life.

Cheating causes so much pain and grief and if you have not
experienced it firsthand, take a look around - It affects
everyone! Saying no requires at times the willpower to walk
- no run away, the action to back up what you say and truly
caring about your partner or spouse feelings.

Do not become obsessed with this topic but talk about things
like this before it happens. Talk about how the both of you
would feel and what would cause the both of you to entertain
the thoughts of cheating. Would it involve something
physical like not receiving enough affection or something
emotional like not feeling appreciated or loved? You want
facts that will help you both understand what your needs are
so you'll NOT look elsewhere.

We seek love and acceptance in our society and this does not
change once we enter relationships. We want it regardless of
the changes we grow through with our body and spirit. So
when we do not feel we are getting these things from the
ones we love, we seek it from others! If you do not want to
make the topic about the two of you just yet, talk about
cheating in relationships in general before the opportunity
presents itself to either of you.

Angela Renee is a wife, mother of three and a writer who's
passionate about helping "Every Day Become A Mothers Day."
With her straight talking yet compassionate manner, she
works through her articles at www.worlds-best-mothers-guide.com

Love & Romance

Let Romance Motivate Us
All of us need motivation. We eat because we feel hungry. We drink water because we are thirsty. We do everything in life for a reason. [ continued ]


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